Jarred is an idea for a business born out of years in the culinary industry. We specialize in making all kinds of delicious pickled fruits and vegetables using the best, local, organic and sustainable products around. We are very proud to offer you a product that is not only incredibly tasty but also good for you and our planet. We strive to leave this earth in better shape than we found it — this is why we believe that the ingredients for our pickles need to always be local, whenever possible organic and always sustainable. It needs to be a product that is produced by people who share our core values and our enthusiasm for our surroundings. We operate out of La Cocina, the only certified green kitchen in San Francisco. Our goal is to pickle anything that we can get our hands on; to do this when the ingredients are at the peak of their season and to get the product to you ASAP. Save it! Eat it! Gift It! Do as you please... whatever the case, we simply hope that you enjoy our pickles as much as we enjoy making them.